Donata comes from a family of Italian gelato makers who started their business in Vienna over a century ago.

After her university studies, she got her professional training and learned her art through apprenticeship in the family gelato parlours in Venice and Trieste.

Due to her knowledge of several languages, she has been able to carry out feasibility studies resulting in the opening of a large number of successful small gelato businesses, for third parties, all over the world. In 1985 she launched Italian gelato in Japan and then in Singapore, together with the Japanese company Takashimaya, with which she still collaborates today.

In 2000, she obtained the European certificate "Master teacher of gelato making", under the terms of UNI CEI EN45013/90. In the 1980’s and 90’s, she organised and ran the Professional School of Gelato Making for the children if Italian gelato makers in Germany.

Moreover, since then, she has held numerous courses on the technical aspects of gelato making, the preparation of Italian “semifreddo”or frozen desserts, marketing and communication in the specific field of sweets and desserts both in Italy and abroad.

In 2010 she distilled her years of experience and expertise in a set of 2 dvds in the Italian and the English languages where she personally demonstrates all the steps of gelato making and shares her invaluable tricks of the trade which can only come from being a master of the art.

Since 1980s, Donata Panciera is on the rolls of the Italian register of journalists and publicists.

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